I want to be that mother who can stand up and say I am a strong confident mother and I know what is best for my children. We breastfeed and co sleep, We listen, We include, We eat chocolate and snot smoothies, we trampoline and grow frogs, we sling, we carry and we try and understand and work with our children without resorting to punishments, threats or coercion.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 13 - That Thing That People Don't Talk About

Having learnt my lesson from yesterday, I don't mention our play date until after lunch. We spend the morning playing with the train set again. I love listening in on their play, its a window into their mind. 

I have this weird ability like a sixth sense or something. It doesn't happen as much as it used to, actually its more likely I don't read it or notice it as much. I used to think about something and then later hear something connected has happened. I often know what's going to happen in films and many many times I say 'didn't I just say that. If I didn't I meant to say it out loud'. Hubby always believes me. 

There is a childhood affliction that is rarely talked about.   It strikes fear into the heart of every parent and wrigglyness into the behaviour of every kid. It has a certain stigma.  We're faaaaaar too posh to get those eeeuuuuuuw!! Yeah right! Lots of kids will get it. That is, a kid in the old fashioned sense, the kid that plays outside a lot, that eats unwashed fruit and vegetables sometimes, that doesn't wash their hands every time they go to the toilet or don't wash their hands when they sit down for dinner or don't sit down and just eat on the trampoline, or the floor playing with train tracks or the sofa watching scooby poo, that gets a bit mucky, that doesn't wear clothes all the time,  that scratches or explores their bodies without admonishment or chastisement, that bites their nails, that picks their nose and wipes it on their clothes or nearest sofa arm when you are not looking (I know some adults who do all of the above too).  It's spread by person to person through touch. And if you say 'but my kid hasn't had them', I bet they've had the other dreaded one!! It's the dreaded W O R M S.  

Did you know that in the UK, around 40% of children under the age of 10 are likely to experience it at some stage. Two out of three parents are more embarrassed discussing it than head lice (thats the other one, my kids haven't had them.....oh shit, why did I say that out loud?) and did you know that you have to make sure you follow the hygiene advice for six weeks if done naturally and two weeks if take the medicine. Six weeks is how long it takes for the threadworms to die off on their own without medicine.  Fact File1 Fact File2 (look if you dare).  There is a life cycle for these things so if you think you've got rid of them, either naturally or with medicine after two weeks, you'd be wrong. You have to clean the whole house to get rid of the threadworm eggs, and continue to clean frequently for two weeks.  Not just a schpeigel .  A Full on clean the whole friggin place.  ALL the towels.  ALL the bedding.  ALL the toys.  ALL the floors.  ALL the surfaces.  CONTINUALLY FOR MORE THAN TWO WEEKS ??? We're screwed. Actually I am amazed we haven't had them constantly for 5 years.  I'm never leaving the house again, too many things to catch out there!  Tea tree spray is my constant companion.

So, honest to G-d,  last night I thought to myself its been a long time since we have had worms.

Kiss of bloody death!

The last time the kids got it was over two years ago. That was our winter of discontent.  Ellie had just started nursery (I'm not going to say it), albeit sporadically and we were all the most ill we have ever been.  So ill I even had to give anti-biotics and that's saying something.  Back then I had a lot more time and tenacity.  It was also easier with younger less mobile children, ones who needed you to take them to the toilet and so you were there at hand washing time. I really didn't want strong chemical medicine inside my babies bodies. I was wanting and willing to try sorting it with alternative methods...remember, make sure you follow the hygiene advice for six weeks. Six weeks is how long it takes for the threadworms to die off on their own without medicine. 

I bought a herbal remedy called vitaklenze (again look if you dare). It was the best combination of herbs all packaged in a lovely weird tasting pill.  It was also really expensive and we didn't take it for long enough.  I did masses of research.  If you want to freak yourself out and get mega paranoid, google away!! I found foods that were meant to kill them off. ( pumpkin seeds, shredded carrot, garlic). We stopped sugar as they feed off it. I religiously removed the little buggers while the girls slept, armed with torch, cotton bud and sudocrem. I cleaned every towel and sheet within a inch of its life. I carried tea tree spray everywhere and sprayed my hands constantly and their hands and the furniture.  I washed every towel, every bed sheet, massively hoovered the house, cleaned surfaces, toys...did I do toys? I cant remember...anyway, I did it for weeks and weeks. It wasn't easy. It wasn't fun.  Getting a 3yr old and a 17month old to A) take a pill 2) any of the other stuff in a gentle, non coercive non punitive, non threatening, non scary way was...well lets just say, bloody hard work.  I thought we were rid of them. I rejoiced in our hard work and alternativeness. Then they came back. With a heavy heart, I went to the chemist. 

This time I am going straight to the chemist for the death juice.   I feel bad about not going the natural route but I don't think I could survive.  I don't know how long they have had them, or where they got them.  Ellie will tell me now if she has a tickle so I can check, but Maia I'm not so sure.  Even I, who is usually so open, feels the stigma of worms so I explain to Ellie that we only talk about it at home and not to tell other people. Obviously, I have since had second thoughts but it's definitely easier writing about it than Ellie blurting it out to all and sundry face to face!! 

We are going to my mother's neighbour's house today for a play date.( I feel terribly guilty for not telling her, I am not blaze enough in my honesty, we have only just met. I have since told her. Hence this post.  I am coming out. Actually, we are wriggling out!!) It's funny, the girls have built a relationship with this family. They have a 5yrold boy and a 3yr old girl. They play there whenever they are at grandmas or the older boy comes to grandmas to play. I haven't really met her yet so today I took them to her house for a playdate. Grandma is unwell with infectious respiratory illness, so I pop in briefly to sign a form and don't breathe her air! I dropped the kids off and chatted for a bit with the mum. We seem to have a lot in common. Hate cooking. Try to be healthy. Kids take their clothes off randomly (hope we don't have worms in common now)!!.. It's great to have adult company for a change and it's great that the kids are already friends and go off to play so we can just chat. It's such a rare occasion to be able to sit and chat I am reluctant to leave. But worms need killed and the dog hasn't been out since Sunday. 

Once home, Ellie complains of a sore tummy. She had been coughing for days so I think it's just sore muscles from coughing. We all sit and watch a new video (new to us but old in terms of film, its a video there's your first clue!) about a robot wanting to be human. I can tell she is not 100% because usually she asks a million questions during films. Half way thro the film the neighbour kids come round for the girls. He may have become human, I'm not sure I've watched it in so many different bits now I don't know if I have seen the end.

Anyway,  this is quite an event. I think it's quite a huge stage in their lives, going off with friends without mum. I am terrified, happy and sad all at once. My babies are growing up!! Hubby is home by this time and we sit fretting about checking to see where they are and if they are ok. We don't!

Ellie returns first covered in mud. It seems someone pushed her over playing tig. I am hoping it was an accident. She, unusually, is not bawling in upset. I am more upset that she is not more indignant. I don't like to think of her pretending to be ok with something if she isn't just to keep friends. I say nothing. I know enough not to interfere unless called for. She gets changed and goes back out! Wee trooper. 

Both of them come back for dinner, happy campers. They have their dinner then Ellie randomly pukes. It's been a long time since that's happened too and we always manage to reach the bathroom but not this time. Ugh. 

Shower and bed. Goodnight.

Oh. Wait. Wiggly Worm Hunt. 

Meltdowns - None
Losing the Plot - none 
Breastfeeding - of course!

a few alternative treatment sites:


  1. hahaha I'm currently doing the googling threadworm thing and you are the only blog i could find that talks about it! thank you thank you! I don;t think the Ovex worked...it's been 4 days and we still have them :( I've cleaned until my hands are red....grrrr

    1. Hi Susan. I've only just seen this sorry. We were moving!! How did it all go, did the ovex work in the end?