I want to be that mother who can stand up and say I am a strong confident mother and I know what is best for my children. We breastfeed and co sleep, We listen, We include, We eat chocolate and snot smoothies, we trampoline and grow frogs, we sling, we carry and we try and understand and work with our children without resorting to punishments, threats or coercion.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Finally, the day has arrived!!

Monumentous occasion today for our wee family. 

We are finally flexi-schooling!! Many of you know I have always wanted to homeschool, so this is our compromise :)

We will be going to Nurture in Nature in the morning and then the girls will be going to RE in the afternoon. 

Of course on our first day of flexi, it is absolutely bucketing but that hasn't stopped the girls enthusiasm and the theme is water so that works!! 

We are kitted up and ready to greet nature and all her elements. 

A whole new chapter for us all. So very exciting!!!

Meltdowns - over a sugar packet!
Losing the plot - too busy 
Breastfeeding - unusually not in the rain today 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Of all the mums in all the school!!

I am sitting in the empty play park across the road from the school having dropped the girls off (on time, well a few mins before the bell) and I'm noticing little groups of mums chatting. I'm wishing some would come into the park with their little ones but one do. I realise the only way to get this mum ball rolling is to just walk up to a group and introduce myself. I chicken out of the first group, too big, too far away, Millie stills wants to be in play park, excuses excuses!! 

On the way back to the car I see two mums outside the gate and just go for it. "Hello!!" I say. "I'm new here, I have a kid in p4 and p2.", how about you?" Turns out they are new too with P1's, one of them had followed the school bus as her wee boy had insisted he wanted to go on it alone and she wanted to make sure he didn't pop over to the play park instead!! I ask about any groups for Millie and find out about that. We stand chatting for a bit and I tell them where we've moved from and to and how my girls seem happy and are already talking about this friend and that friend and it's such a difference from the previous school where it was so cliquey and I'd often be heartbroken watching Ellie sitting alone in the playground. 

Suddenly another mum comes striding up calling my name!!!??? "Hello, you probably don't remember me, we went to school together, you haven't changed a bit!!" Turns out she lives in the next wee village along and her son is in Ellie's class. I invited them over any time to play.

Soon we all dispersed and I walked with 'busmum' back to the car. We stop and chat a bit more. She has a 4m and is worried about her not getting enough milk and thinking of mix feeding. Of all the people to tell that too! How serendipitous!! I advise her that baby is probably upping her milk supply and her body knows what to do and makes the perfect amount, she is still early days post partum, she should be taking it a bit easier (hard with another kid!)

Now hear comes the craziest part.  I'm sure I've mentioned before I have this weird intuition thing, well it kind of extends to freaky coincidences too. 

Well, 'busmum' turns to me and says "Actually I know the house you live in, that was my family home and I grew up there with my two sisters. I was so happy to hear from my dad (who lived there 40yrs) that another family with 3girls had moved in". I was gobsmacked. I of course invited her over any time she wants to because she said her wee boy keeps asking to see inside. She was delighted. We swapped numbers. 

Of all the mums to pick to chat to!! 

Fingers crossed the girls continue to enjoy their first week and I continue to meet friendly mums who have a crazy connection to my life in some way!!

Meltdowns - a few after school tired ones from Maia 
Losing the Plot - far less this week although getting pissed off with lack of help from girls
Breastfeeding - using ma skillz!!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wild outside girls

We've been back from LFC camp for a couple of days now but Ellie and Maia still think they are outside. They are still shouting. Still running about (inside and between rain storms). Still playing. Still laughing. Still fighting. Still being wild care free independent children. I love it!! The shouting is getting a bit much for us but it's still brilliant. They still think the tv isn't working (although Ellie woke up and came in whilst we were watching a fim, maybe she'll have been too sleepy to remember!!) but they finally have their tablets connected to the internet.

It's slowly creeping back in to their time but not even half as much as it was before (practically 24/7). I do think I will have to keep a watchful eye on their screen time but I would SO love for them to be able to carry on self regulating but I worry that with school starting soon and there being less hours in the day to use the tablets, they will increase their tablet time rather than their 'play' time.

Before camp I suggested to the girls that they only go on them twice a day for an hour or so and they seemed amenable to it but I couldn't really work out how to 'police' such a thing without 'dictating' and I didn't want it to become something I would have to enforce. All of which..police, dictate, enforce really doesn't sound so wonderful to me.  I envisioned me giving them their tablets (which would mean having to hide them) then forgetting they were on them whilst I was busy doing mum things and before I know it, it's lunchtime!! Either that or I would say, "ok times up" and they would say no and I would make an attempt to take it off them, feel like I would have to somehow physically remove the tablets and be mean nasty mum and then change my mind, wanting to avoid the conflict!!! 

At the end of camp, Ellie asked me to do something her friend gets called "tablet time". She seemed quite enthusiastic about it, having completely forgotten we had discussed this very idea not ten days prior.

Perhaps they *will* be able to turn them off if I suggest it. So far I haven't needed to. I haven't felt they've been on them way too much, to the detriment of other play possibilities. Mind you it has only been two days!!! To aid in our downsizing media time, I have decided to deactivate from Facebook for a while longer. It's been almost a month and with the busyness of moving and the craziness of camping, it's actually not been *that* hard. I know though, for an addict and socialbee like me, it will be harder and harder to avoid FB time as the nights draw in and the girls are back to school!!!

Here's hoping the lure of the countryside and the new house exploration and the 'not yet connected tv' will be enough to keep them busy otherwise it's going to be a whole load of stressy tablet time hassle I don't need (and I'm sure they don't want either)!!!! 

Meltdowns - Millie is joining the ranks
Losing the Plot - usually starts about 4.36pm
Breastfeeding - in all honesty I'd be keen for it to stop, well maybe not completely. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Going out for some fresh air

This evening, around 7.30pm I forced myself to stop moping on the bed and take dog and kids for a walk in the pouring rain. IN THE FIELD!!  Even managed Millie on my back in manduca, country life must be making me stronger!! Humphing logs certainly does!! Came back and had a real proper honest to goodness, hose and buckets and watering cans water fight. Then we all had a lovely hot bath and chicken broth. I love this bath it's deep and short. Like me :D

Proper cheered me up though after a few weeks of moving house stress, living in boxes, no wardrobes or sofas and possibility of no fields, hardly seeing hubby, fighting with hubby and loss of GGSam and HoneyPig. 

I'm rather happy I made the effort and changed my head space and physical space. 

Nothing like fresh air to sort things out. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Field of Dreams

Had our first set to with the new landlord and he has effectively banned us from using the field (which I don't know if he can do). 

He previously said we could go in it if there were no animals and then during conversation said he had never said that. He also said the field didn't belong to him so needed to speak to someone else (not sure who?)

I was pretty hysterically sobbing at this turn of events because these fields represented something bigger for me not just the freedom for the kids to roam freely.  I'm hoping he was just having one of his infamous grumps and will change his mind. He did so a few times during the conversation.

I thought I was protecting his garden from water damage as he stipulated very carefully we had to look after the garage but apparently the field is more important. 

I'm seriously upset but hoping it's just teething problems. 

The other thing that came from the conversation that I never even considered was that the fields will be sprayed soon.  Batten down the hatches.  Chemicals abound.