I want to be that mother who can stand up and say I am a strong confident mother and I know what is best for my children. We breastfeed and co sleep, We listen, We include, We eat chocolate and snot smoothies, we trampoline and grow frogs, we sling, we carry and we try and understand and work with our children without resorting to punishments, threats or coercion.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Breastfeeding in my nightly viewing

Has anyone seen the comedy program The New Normal?

One of the perils of being in my brain is I find it hard to watch stuff on TV without criticising it with my Lactivist Birth Junkie Baby Wearing head on.

So, the 'breast feeding' episode is full of mixed messages and roller coaster highs and lows. Just when I think pop culture media is finally being forward thinking and helping to normalise breast feeding, it throws in a fear based milk donor scaremongering scene and an 'I was breastfed till 4 and listen to these freakzoid stories of my childhood' scene, which were completely unlikely and preposterous. There was also the scene to suggest that some woman have an unhealthy attachment to breast feeding and basically force their kids to feed. That was just offensive.

Must say though, I loved the fabulously choreographed flash mob in an anti-breast feeding restaurant. It was bloody brilliant (if you ignored the babybjorn group aka crotchdanglers aka I-own-a-sling-to-look-cool-and-have-not-researched-it-one-iota-because-if-I-had-I-would-know-they-are-high-risk-for-mother-back-issues-and-baby-hip-dysplasia)!!!!

The breastfeeding vest was A. M. A. Z. I. N. G!!!

I do like this new comedy, it shows a parenting based on conscious decisions and choice and represents a minority not often shown in this light, so I'm willing to over look the gross misrepresentation of breast feeding in favour of the representation about the importance of breastfeeding they also perpetuated.

It's good to laugh but I think some things are too important to misrepresent.

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