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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Hey Formula feeding thumb sucking dummy mums.......listen up

No no no, bottle feeding after the age of 1 is wrong on so many levels!!!

Who are these early weaning mothers doing it for? Certainly not the kids! It's an attachment problem.

Children do not need bottle fed for nutrition over the age of one.

It's not right to make a child suck on their thumb. This is an age where they are beginning to identify themselves as an individual in the world and thumb sucking will most certainly hold them back. 

A child will be ridiculed at school for thumb sucking, that's also so not fair.

Prove to me that bottle feeding over the age of one is good for a child as I'm really struggling here to see the long-term benefits!!!!

Ladies, you cannot possibly say that it looks right when a child climbs on their mother, snuggles into their chest and starts sucking their thumb.

I would be bloody scarred for life if my mother 'cooperated' (or more like 'manipulated') with me to bottle feed past one!!!!!

A toddler, on the other hand, would probably not, given total free choice, choose to suck on their thumb.

Don't know who you all are, but feeding your kids the bottle when they can say bottle is disgusting!!!

Why do children of "thumb sucking till they're 10" believers want to suck their thumb but children of non believers don't. I reckon it's simply down to encouragement.

I am just saying that in my opinion (and you have yours!) an older child should not be bottle feeding. 

Bottle feeding is a great thing if you can feed your child, but many women are unable to bottle feed and are made to feel inadequate.

If it were the case that you couldn't feed anymore and your 3-4 year old wanted to wean, what would you do? Would you force a wet nurse?

One of the issue with extending bottle feeding is the ability of the mother and the child to separate. Some say that the desire for extended bottle feeding comes from the mother's inability to let go of 'her baby'.

If someone has to wean a child before the age of two its for the mothers benefit not the child

Lots of mums don't bottle feed at all and their children are just as fit as others and some mums are passing bad things onto the kids if they don’t eat or drink healthy themselves

Mothers like to wean after a certain age so they feel more in control, less needed. In some cases they reject the child more than he other way round, pushing the child away after the baby stage, almost scared not to let go.

Not forcing but as I understand it bottle feeding is for the mothers benefit. 

They like to bottle feed after a certain age so they feel more in control more needed in some cases they depend on the child more than the other way round clinging on to a child past the baby stage almost scared to let go.

Not all formula is good , ie if they smoke, drink or are on drugs near their kid. 

In this day and age there is no need to bottle feed beyond toddler age even if the child would take the bottle they know different, you can still cuddle and comfort a child without feeding.

I feel that as a protective parent you might want to protect your child... or move to a council estate.

Bollocks to you all! BM rocks... Now where's the boob, she's thirsty?

For many prematurely weaned toddlers, the favourite blanket or stuffed animal comes to serve the same function as the breast in providing comfort and a sense of security. One of the issues with early weaning is the inability of the mother and child to stay connected. Some say that the desire for early weaning comes from the mother's inability to bond with her baby.

I think it is a shame for a mother to cling on to her baby when it is no longer a baby.

Yes I would find it disgusting to think of a 5 year old having to stop play or whatever to run back to his mums arms and suck his thumb for comfort 

What about poor dad does he get a look in at all with the bottle

Some people need to get over themselves


Thumb sucking is a form of comfort.  Bottle feeding is form of nutrition. Dummy's are also form of comfort.  Breastfeeding is all of these (and more).  It's double standards and frankly down right rude. 

Would you say these things to a formula feeding or thumb sucking, or dummy giving mum? So what makes you think it's ok to say to a breast feeding mum?

written with the help and guidance from Ali Edgley

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