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Friday, 29 April 2016

Exercise the body or the mind?

Do all people who do minimal exercise and no exercise that increases their heart rate have back ache? By that, is my back pain due to not doing any exercise. I mean I walk the dog and have three young kids. I average 7,000-10,000 steps a day. I bend down and stretch quite a bit throughout the day but I don't do 'fast' exercise. 

I'm loathe to say I don't do *any* exercise since I have three kids. You know? I don't sit on my arse all day tapping at a computer screen and not moving unless it's to pee or to eat until home time. I'm moving a LOT. Just not 'exercise'. 

I used to do more before the pain or maybe I starting doing less because of the pain. I can't remember. I've lived with growing pain for over ten years.  I've managed it. I've done stuff!! Pain started before marriage and kids before anyone makes that joke. (which isn't that funny to me) I've had three kids. I've found my dream home. I've lived my life. I'm still living it, sort of.  

I'm seeing an osteopath regularly again and yet I'm still in pain. I've changed my way of eating. I think it's pretty clean now, I'm fairly sure I don't eat any processed food. I don't eat wheat. I don't eat sugar. I'm no longer active diabetic. I've stopped all diabetes medicine. I've started turmeric. I use Epsom salts. 

Does everyone who doesn't 'do exercise' have back ache?

Maybe it's emotional. 

Does everyone who has unresolved life issues, (who doesn't!) has lived an interesting life, with a few scrapes and bumps along the way and who may or may not have a few deep dark secrets (come on who doesn't!) and is trying to deal with them have chronic pain?

I've started a Pilates class. The teacher sees my pain and doesn't want me to continue until she hears from my doctor or my osteopath recommending (or perhaps absolving) Pilates. I'm disappointed. I've heard good things about Pilates. It was at a time I could make. It fitted into my hectic life. I'm sure the doctor and the osteopath would highly recommend it, I'm slightly perturbed that she wouldn't. 

I just feel I'm getting slower and doddier and in more pain as time goes on. I'm not getting any younger. 

This feels a very indulgent post. Lots of me's and I've's. Physical pain really sucks and yet others have WAY worse physical pain and shitty stuff going on in their lives but still. It's constant. It's tiring. 

I'm guessing this is why I haven't written anything for so long. It always comes back to my pain. Booooooooooooring. 

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