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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Back To The Future is NOW!

Back to the Future is a firm favourite in our home. We call it BackFutu because these were the only letter stickers available to label my recorded 'video' of the film. 

I've loved these films since I was a kid so I'm quite excited by the date fast approaching!!

Hubby and I watched the second one this evening (we have it on DVD now!) and we made a list in order of seeing them....

Here is what should be made by October 21st 2015 or already exist:-

Flying DeLorean
Sleep zapper
Self sizing clothes
Accurate weather service 
3D advert 
Robotic gas station attendant
Talking adverts
TV waiter
@Mattel Hoverboard
Self drying clothes
Watches with two straps 

Drone camera - already exists!!

Electronic binoculars - already exists!!

Litter bug moving trash can
Thumb print ID from police

Thumb print recognition door entry - already exists!!

Projector screen tv - already exists!!

Upside down back stretcher 
Retractable Garden fruit system
Thumb print payment system
Voice activated TV
Voice activated greeting system
Self walking dog flying drone
Black and decker food hydrator Rehydrating pizza from miniature 

Glasses to watch tv on - already exists!!

Glasses to answer phone 

Two ties ensemble

Video chat - already exists!!

Internet surveillance - already exists!!

Electronic ID signature machine

Well let's get busy gadget making people.......!!!

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