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Friday, 24 February 2012

NHS gives bad advice *shocker*

I am so utterly appalled, but hardly surprised, at the advice being given by our National Health Service: controlled crying, unreasonably high expectations for a 6month old, no clear cut age limits for techniques, techniques which I find highly questionable as it is. Just unbelievable.

There has been enough research out there to prove that controlled crying is harmful but to not even give a balanced view point is symptomatic of the main problem with most of the NHS parenting advice.

Suggesting a 6month old is capable of sleeping through the night is not only biologically wrong, it completely undermines and harms the breastfeeding relationship. Babies need to eat frequently, they have small tummy's that do not hold much for long. "to nurse *very* frequently, based on the composition of the milk of the species," Sleeping through the Night by Kathy Dettwyler

This advice page MUST be rewritten taking into account the clear links between controlled crying and the damage it does to developing intact brains and the conflicting advice it purports which definitely has implications for the breastfeeding dyad.

Here is a link to my co-sleeping articles.

Here is a fraction of the papers out there on the dangers of cry it out and controlled crying: -










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